Tasker Owner

The program vovtaskerowner gives the owner of a machine the control on the tasker running on such machine.

By invoking % nc cmd vovtaskerowner & you get the dialog shown below.

Figure 1.

Suspend suspends the tasker immediately for one hour. Each time Suspend is clicked, the tasker is suspended for an additional hour.

Resume resumes the activity of a suspended tasker for an hour. Each time Resume is clicked, the tasker is remains active for an additional hour.

Normal returns the tasker to the normal behavior.

This dialog maintain its status in a file called ~/.vnc_<TASKERNAME>. This is also the file that is being read by the vovtasker binary.

vovslaveowner: Usage Message
      vovslaveowner [OPTIONS]
      -v                 -- Increase verbosity
      -h                 -- This help
      -slavename   NAME  -- Specify the  name of the slave we want to control.
      % vovslaveowner -h
      % vovslaveowner &
      % vovslaveowner -slavename mac05 &

Administrator Responsibilities

The mechanism shown in this page works only if the tasker is using the time-variant resources "VovResources::Offhours"
# Fragment of taskers.tcl file.
# This line allows user johnny to be considered the "Owner" of# the tasker on machine linux123
vtk_tasker_define linux123 -resources "VovResources::Offhours -owner johnny"