Location and Structure

The default location for the server working directory is within the vovserverdir directory, that is typically in the user's home directory, for instance, the ~/vov directory.

During the project create command, it is possible to set the location for the project's server working directory to be a different place. It can be useful to place the project's server working directory within the project's top level directory. This allows for moving all the files needed for a project from one machine to another by taking files from a single branch of the file system.

The following list shows the structure of a project's server working directory (SWD), which contains the server configuration files for the project.

Find the SWD Default Location

From the command line, vovserverdir can be used to get information about the directory that is the default location for .swd directories. This command can also look for files within that file system branch.
% vovserverdir -physical
% vovserverdir -logical
% vovserverdir -p setup.tcl