Monitor LSF Jobs in the GUI

If the environment variable VOV_LSF_QUEUES is defined, the GUI monitor will show additional panels and menus to allow the monitoring of jobs dispatched to LSF using indirect taskers. This capability relies on a running vovlsfinfod.

To minimize the load on LSF, you can use an interface called vovlsfinfod, which is primarily the single entry for all requests by VOV scripts but also a handy HTTP server to visualize the status of the LSF system.

Start vovlsfinfod

This daemon needs to be started by the administrator user.
% cd $VOVDIR/../..
% mkdir vovlsfinfod% cd vovlsfinfod
% touch config.tcl;                ### This file is to be empty for now.
% which bjobs
% vovlsfinfod 
Sourcing default config file './config.tcl'
Configuration of vovlsfinfod:
Running on host:     lnxlap
In directory:        /home/xxx/rtda/vovlsfinfod
Configuration file:  ./config.tcl
Refresh interval:    30
TCP/IP port:         6006
Log file directory:  ./logs
info file:           ./info.tcl
Verbosity level:     0
vovlsfinfod: message: You can now connect to http://HOSTNAME:6006

To monitor the LSF activity, point the browser to http://HOSTNAME:6006 where HOSTNAME is the name of the host on which vovlsfinfod is running.

Compile vovbjobs

vovlsfinfod gets the job information using one of the following methods:
  • Parses the output of "bjobs -l" to get the status of the LSF queues. This is difficult and slow.
  • If available, it uses the utility vovbjobs. We only distribute the source code for vovbjobs in $VOVDIR/src/vovbjobs. It is your responsibility to compile it into a binary.

Config File for vovlsfinfod

Use the config.tcl file to add links in the web pages to other sites using the following syntax:
# Example of config.tcl file for vovlsfinfod
add_LINK  "FLEXlm" "http://localhost:5005"
add_LINK  "FT/LM"  "http://localhost:6450/cgi/ftlm.cgi"