Wrapper vwrap

Note: This wrapper is no longer needed, since this functionality has been implemented directly into vw. See VOV_LM_VARNAMES for more information. The wrapper vwrap is still available for backward compatibility.
If you have multiple daemons serving the same feature, you may choose to use the FlexNet Publisher capability of specifying multiple daemons in the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable, as in this example:
% setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE 1234@host1:1234@host2

When the tool is run, FlexNet Publisher checks first host1 for a license. If not available, then it checks host2.

When working with FlowTracer, you can setup the daemons to be monitored independently. In the config.tcl file for vovflexlmd, you could have the following entries:
add_LM_LICENSE_FILE 1234@host1   -tag V1
add_LM_LICENSE_FILE 1234@host2   -tag V2
In the resources.tcl file, you would have:
vtk_flexlm_monitor V1/hspice   License:hspice1
vtk_flexlm_monitor V2/hspice   License:hspice2

vtk_resourcemap_set License:hspice UNLIMITED "License:hspice1 | License:hspice2"

This means that you let the FlowTracer server decide whether it is best to use one license daemon or the other. This information is stored at dispatch time in the field "GRABBED_RESOURCES" of the job. The wrapper vwrap looks at the GRABBER_RESOURCES and sets LM_LICENSE_FILE to point exactly to the list of servers associated with the grabbed resources. This leads to a more accurate and efficient management of licenses.