Post Initial Setup

You can turn off the debug messages after initial setup. You can do this by removing or commenting out the call to NCSetDebug() in your .cdsinit file. Alternatively, you can type:

NCSetDebug( nil )

in the CIW.

You can increase the 'Max. Jobs' number in the 'Job Setup' form.

Further information on setting up job policy and options (other than those specific to Altair Accelerator) may be found in the Cadence Analog Distributed Processing Option User Guide and the Virtuoso Analog Design Environment XL User Guide.

If you wish to restrict the 'Job Class' to a prescribed list, use the NCSetJobClassList() function in the .cdsinit file (see the included .cdsinit file for an example. This function must be called *before* the 'Job Setup' form is displayed.). For example, to restrict the choices to the jobclasses "normal", "priority", "overnight", add the following to the appropriate place in your .cdsinit:

NCSetJobClassList( '("normal" "priority" "overnight") )

The 'Linger Time' field in the job policy governs the delay before the ICRP process is terminated after last simulation job. The nature of the simulation jobs will dictate an appropriate value of this field. A smaller value allows Altair Accelerator to distribute the simulation jobs among computing nodes effectively, while a larger value reduces the simulation setup overhead, which is effective for shorter simulations of similar circuits.

The .cdsenv file can be used to set a default job policy. For example, adding the following to your .cdsenv file will make "my_policy" be the default.

adexl.icrpStartup defaultJobPolicy string "my_policy"

To specify a default job policy use the NCSpecifyDefaultJobPolicy() function. This only has effect if there is no existing policy of the same name. For example, the following will register a policy named "Example Policy", if no such policy already exists.

        policy = '(
                ("jobclass"                     "cadence_ade")
                ("jobname"                      "ICRP@ID@")
                ("maxjobs"                      "2")
                ("lingertimeout"                "30")
                ("preemptivestart"              "0")
        NCSpecifyDefaultJobPolicy( "Example Policy" policy)

If specified, the "jobclass" field must be an element of any list specified using NCSetJobClassList(). Any number of default job policies may be specified.

As a convenience, any substring of the form "@ID@" is replaced by the ICRP job id. Similarly, any string of the form "@USER@" is replaced by the value of the environment variable USER.