Altair distributes the source code for the plugin for Altair Accelerator. The code is in $VOVDIR/eda/Cadence/EnterpriseManager/user_drm.

To install the plugin, you first need to compile it. Make sure the VMANAGER_HOME is defined first.

% cd $VOVDIR/eda/Cadence/EnterpriseManager/user_drm
% ves EMGR       ## Switch to the environment that enables emanager
### OR directly set VMANAGER_HOME
% setenv VMANAGER_HOME /tools/cadence/em/

Then compile the libUserDrm_d.so library with:

### Here we assume you are running on a Linux machine
% make -f Makefile.linux release

This will create a dynamic library called $VMANAGER_HOME/linux/vm/libUserDrm.so. At this point, when you start eManager, you must configure the User DRM interface to use this new library.

Old Approach with LSF Emulation

Our customers also report good success with the LSF emulation package.

% emanager &

It has also been reported that session stopping is inefficient, in the sense that it takes a long time to stop the jobs.