Initial Setup

It is *strongly* recommended that you begin with a working simulation environment (correct paths, model files, etc.).

  1. Start virtuoso and bring up the simulation environment.
  2. Choose Options > Job Setup and bring up the Job Policy Setup form.
  3. Setup the policy as follows:
    1. Select the NC Default job policy.
    2. Set Job Class to a suitable Accelerator jobclass. The default is 'cadence_ade'.
    3. Optional: Change Job Name. In this field you can use the symbolic values @ID@ and @USER@ (but not the @JOB@ value, as in ADE-5)
    4. Choose Max. Jobs appropriately. The default is 2. This number determines how many parallel jobs you want to run.
    5. If desired, change the job policy name and save the job policy to disk. To do this, enter a Job Policy Name to anything you like. (The name will be remembered when you run tests.)
    6. Click Save and save in one of the locations shown (typically .cadence/jobpolicy, this is dictated by the value of setup.loc in your installation).

      Figure 1.
  4. Click OK.
  5. In the Run Options dialog, select the Parallel option.

    Figure 2.
  6. Try running a single simulation to test the setup.