vtk_pie_chart [OPTIONS] data1 ...

Generate a GIF file representing a pie chart. The data can be in the form NUMBER or NUMBER:LABEL. 
If no label is shown, then the empty label is used. 
* -b: Border around image (>1) (10 pixels). If the border is greater than 50, then the labels are also shown 
* -w: Width of image (400 pixels) 
* -h: Height of image (400 pixels) 
* -p: Print label% data inside slices 
* -l: Print label data inside slices 
* -L: Print label index inside slices 
* -s: Limit Display data: to (si) data items, sum remainder in data[si+1] 
* -t: Output a Tcl script to map entries to colors 
* -f: Name of output GIF file (\"out.gif\") 
 vtk_pie_chart -w 800 -h 400 -f mygraph.gif 10 20 30 44 55 
 vtk_pie_chart -w 800 -h 400 -f mygraph.gif 10:us 20:eu 30:ch 44:jp 55:ru