Job Status

In Accelerator Plus, each job goes through a number of states until completion.

The states are described in the following table:
Status Color Description
Idle BlueViolet If the node is a job, either it has not been run successfully yet or it needs to be run again, because one of its inputs has been modified since the last time the job was executed. If the node is a file, it is the output of a job that is not Idle.
Queued Light blue The job is scheduled to be run. It may be already queued or it will go in the queue as soon as all its inputs are ready.
Running Orange The job is currently being retraced; it has been dispatched to one of the taskers. All the outputs of such a job are either RETRACING or RUNNING.
Done Green If the node is a job, it has run successfully. If the node is a file, it is up-to-date with respect to all other files and jobs on which it depends.
Failed Red The job ran and failed.
Transfer Cream The job is being transferred to another cluster and it is not yet running.
Suspended Pink The job was running (or retracing) and one of the processes belonging to the job is currently suspended.
Sleeping Black Either the job caused an output conflict upon submission (bad dependencies) or the job was not reclaimed by any tasker upon crash recovery.
Withdrawn Gray A job has been withdrawn after dispatching, such as by the preemption daemon.
Note: This status occurs rarely and tends to be hard to observe.

The normal sequence for a successful job is Idle > Queued > Running > Done

The normal sequence for a failing job is Idle > Queued > Running > Failed