Servers Page

The License Server page shows a list of all license servers that are configured to be monitored, along with the status and basic availability and utilization statistics.

License servers that are running with files that contain more than one daemon will result in multiple rows being shown for the server, one row for each daemon.

Figure 1. License Server Page
The table shows the following details for each license server being monitored:
A unique identifier for the license server assigned by the Monitor administrator
The license server type (that is, FlexNet Publisher, Reprise, etc.).
The vendor daemon that is running on the license server.
The port@host or license file specification of the license server.
One of a green check mark (running normally), a red X (error), a yellow exclamation point (running but with problems), or an image that depicts that a sample is currently being taken. Clicking on the status image navigates to the raw data page for the license server, which can be used to get more details on the status.
The number of features being served by the daemon.
The number of checkouts checkouts at the time the page was loaded.
Last Update
The amount of time that has elapsed since the last sample was taken.

FlexNet Publisher Unused Daemon

Every FlexNet Publisher license server being monitored includes a default artificial daemon called "unused". All features will be assigned to this daemon until the INFO parsing job runs (which gathers daemon, version, and expiration information for features from the license server every 12 hours by default) or until usage is detected each feature (at which point the daemon is also known). This is necessary because of how the STAT parsing job (which gathers the feature list and users) does not show the actual daemon until there is usage. Once an actual daemon has been assigned to all features found in the tag, the "unused" daemon will be removed from the system. If Monitor is restarted, the process will be repeated.