How do I Know if I Have Too Many or Too Few Licenses? (Admin)

Monitor helps you determine whether your company has too few or too many licenses and helps you determine the proper course of action, but you must evaluate the reports within context of your company’s current needs and plans. Here are few starting points.

Check the Home Page & Current Utilization

On the Home page, you can easily view current waits and heavy users. Then you should follow up by evaluating who is using the system and when they are using it.

Generate or View a Denials Report

You might also generate or view a Denials Report, which lists all the license requests that have been denied. If you are getting lots of denials, you many need more licenses. You can learn more about Denials Reports in Generate a Denials Report. Perhaps, on that Denials Report page, you will see no denials or just a few. (Requests can get queued up, depending on the vendor’s license server.) If there are no denials, you might then conclude that you have too many licenses. On the other hand, if there are many denials, you might initially conclude that you have too few licenses, because requests are continually being denied. But it could be that one user or a set of users is overloading the system at a certain time. Investigate further.

View Heatmaps

Your next logical step might be to view a heatmap. The heatmap provides a 24-hour colored clock view of license activity for each day. For each hour in the view, a color-coded box represents the amount of activity for the license feature. The heatmap report page contains four heatmaps: one for peak concurrent usage, one for checkouts, one for check-ins and one for denials. You can learn more about heatmaps on page 73.

From a heatmap, you can see if there many denials on a particular day or even a particular time of the day, and you can determine whether your best move would be to allocate resources differently or to simply buy more licenses.

You might also look more closely at a particular user. See the following instructions for more on this.