Set Up Monitor

  1. Go to the Admin tab. Hover over the System option, and click on Database Information.

    Figure 1. Admin Drop-down List
  2. Choose a location where the database should reside (keep in mind, this will be permanent and cannot be changed later) and click Save Location.
  3. Under Database Control, click and drag the slider from left to right until the icon shows green.

    Figure 2. Database Control
  4. To add a license monitor, go to the Admin tab, and select Monitors from the menu bar.
    A new page appears.

    Figure 3. Add a New Monitor
  5. Enter details for (at least) sections 1-4.
    1. Select monitor type.
    2. Specify a unique tag name.
    3. Enter license file locations.
    4. Enter full path to status command.
    Note: You may copy a version, preferably a recent one, of the FlexNet Publisher lmutil utility into the $VOVDIR/bin directory (such as, c:/altair/lm/win64/bin), named as lmstat. It’s recommended to copy all “lm” utilities (eg. lmreread, lmremove, …) over to this area. You could just enter lmstat if the utility program has been copied over to $VOVDIR/bin directory.
  6. Click Add New Monitor.
  7. Go to Home tab.
    The current checkouts should be populating shortly, within 30 seconds. For Windows users, we recommend setting up Monitor as a service. See Set Up Monitor as a Service – Windows Only for more information.