Getting Started Guide

Altair Monitor is a software license monitoring tool, which enables you to manage licenses, optimize your license mix and increase usage efficiency, all of which greatly reduce your licensing costs.

The primary interface for Monitor is the web interface. The home page provides an overview of current license activity and queued licenses and shows a series of tabs, which can be used to navigate, generate reports of both current and historical usage, and perform administrative Monitor tasks.

For administrators, Monitor also includes a Command Line Interface (CLI), as well as a Tcl-based application programming interface (API). The CLI can be used to obtain license availability and usage reports and to create and execute batch-mode reports; both of those reports can also be generated using the web interface. You can also configure Monitor through the CLI.

With Monitor, the user can determine when to run a job, explore why a job isn’t running, and generate reports that help answer those questions. The administrator can set up the system, manage multiple license servers, monitor use and make determinations about the number of needed licenses.

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