Daily Feature Statistics

The Usage tab displays the Feature Daily Statistics table. This page serves as a high-level overview of availability and utilization statistics for a given time frame.

Figure 1. Daily Feature Statistics Page

The Daily Feature Statistics Report includes the following columns:

The tag representing the license server.
The license feature name.
Capacity Peak
The peak capacity of the feature.
Capacity Avg
The average capacity of the future
Usage Peak
The peak usage of the feature.
Usage Avg
The average usage of the future.
Usage %
The average usage divided by the peak for that day.
Queued Peak
The peak tokens that were waited on.
Queued Avg
The average tokens that were waited on.
Requests Count
The number of times the feature was requested.
Requests Denied:
The number of times that the request was denied.
Request Percent
The number of denied requests divided by the number of requests that day.
The "Graphs" column contains icons that link to graphical reports for the selected feature. The icon links to the Daily Feature Plots page. The icon links to the Feature Detailed Plots page. The icon links to the Efficiency Histogram page. The icon links to the Feature Heatmap report.

The report is controlled via the time range selector, and the optional tag and feature selectors that are provided to narrow down the number of features shown in the report. The data shown in this report includes peak, average, and percentage statistics for capacity, utilization, queued requests, and denial instances.