Daemon Operation

Although the Monitor daemons are started automatically upon startup, there may be times where a daemon should be restarted. This section describes how to control the Monitor daemons.

Web-based Operation

Daemons can be controlled from the web interface by visiting the Daemons administration page:

Figure 1. Daemon administration page

Control daemons by clicking the desired action icon (start or stop). The configuration files for each daemon can also be viewed from this page.

The vovtriggerd Daemon

This particular daemon should not be running under normal circumstances. When running, Monitor enters a debugging mode in which the output of each sampling job run is archived in the licmon.swd/logs/parser directory so that the history can be "played back" by Altair support if needed. Such cases would be when there is an intermittent issue that is difficult to reproduce but happens over time. Monitor can potentially use large amounts of disk space when running in this mode, so make sure that the vovtriggerd daemon is running only when needed.