Hero Setup

  1. Create the project. The project name is assumed to be "hero" and the port number is assumed to be 4444.
    % vovproject create -product hero -port 4444 hero
    % vovproject enable hero
    % vsi 

    As of 2016.09, this is a vovserver running as product FlowTracer, therefore it requires a license for server_ft and/or a seat license like seat_ft_l.

  2. Prepare the environments you need in $VOVDIR/local/environments.
    The environments can be used to specify the environment in which the emulation job will execute. The may also be used to specify an environment in which emulator specific executables will execute (for example, which test_server a Palladium emulator should use).
    • HERO.start.csh
    • PALLADIUM.start.csh (only if you will use Palladium)
    • VELOCE.start.csh (only if you will use Veloce)
    • ZEBU.start.csh (only if you will use ZeBu)
    Examples of these environments in $VOVDIR/scripts/hero/*/*.start.csh. Test the environments with ves:
    % ves HERO
    % hero_setup
  3. Optional: Try one or more of these steps depending on what emulators you actually plan to use.
    % ves PALLADIUM
    % hero_palladium_setup  
    % ves VELOCE
    % hero_veloce_setup
    % ves ZEBU
    % hero_zebu_setup
Next, you need to complete the setup for the emulator farm you have, as explained in the following sections.