vovtsd on UNIX

UNIX: Start a Remote Tasker with vovtsd

The program vovtsd can also be used on UNIX. In most cases, you may want to use built-in operating system commands like rsh or ssh.

You must change the taskers.tcl file to set the -vovtsdport variable to the port number used by your vovtsd daemon. For example, if vovtsd is running on port 16001, then your taskers.tcl file needs to specify the port number and a number of directories and files as seen by the remote host:
vtk_tasker_set_default -vovtsdport 16001           -vovdir     $env(VOVDIR)    -serverdir  
/home/john/vov  -logfile    /home/john/vov/$env(VOV_PROJECT_DIR).swd/logs/taskers/@TASKERNAME@/log  -executable vovtaskerroot 

The vovtaskermgr command tries to start a remote tasker first with vovtsd and then with either rsh or ssh. Which remote shell command is tried depends on which you have configured with the -rshcmd option of vtk_tasker_define in the taskers.tcl file.