Check Job Status

The vst command can be used to check on job status.

  1. Use the command vst to check the status of jobs. The letter "t" stands for "tool invocation" which is a synonym for job.
    % vst
    00000638 INVALID vw cp aa bb
    00000689 INVALID vw cp bb cc
    00000729 INVALID vw cp cc dd2
    00000749 INVALID vw cp cc dd1

    This command also supports many options, which you can see using the option -h or -help. Important is the option -a, which

  2. Add the -h or - help option to see what other options are supported.
  3. Add the -a option to show the environment in which the jobs have been executed:
    % vst -a
    vst: rule is `ISJOB==1 CWD==${HOME}/simple_test'
    vst: format is `@LEVEL:3@ @ID@ @STATUS:10@ @ENV:8@ @COMMAND@'
    2    00000638    INVALID BASE    vw cp aa bb
    4    00000689    INVALID BASE    vw cp bb cc
    6    00000729    INVALID BASE    vw cp cc dd2
    6    00000749    INVALID BASE    vw cp cc dd1