Change Dependent Input File

We have built up a dependency graph for a task that requires running four jobs in a sequence to produce two result files ("dd1" and "dd2") based on a starting file ("aa").

This establishes a model that FlowTracer will use to schedule and deploy the jobs as the dependent input files change.

  1. While looking at the GUI console, touch the file "bb" to give it a timestamp of now.
    Touching the file causes its timestamp to be later than the timestamps on files "dd1" and "dd2". This emulates changing file "bb". The two output files "dd1" and "dd2" are now out of date relative to file "bb".

    You will see the Set View display change. The out of date output file nodes will change color from green to purple. The dependent jobs of copying file cc are also out of date and change color. The nodes in purple are INVALID.

    Figure 1.

    FlowTracer has noticed the change of file "bb" (the timestamp is recent) and is aware of what nodes are INVALID and knows what needs to happen to make them VALID.

  2. Click Run in the action bar at the top of the Set Viewer panel to request that FlowTracer brings the nodes up to date.
    This will cause the "cp" programs to run. While they are running, their nodes in the display will turn yellow. When the jobs and files become up to date, they turn back to green to indicate they are VALID.
  3. Repeat this sequence, again, but touch file "aa" instead of "bb".
    The display shows the dependent nodes as INVALID (purple).
  4. Click Run again.
    FlowTracer dispatches the jobs in sequence to bring all the nodes up to date.