Tasker Compatibility

When a job becomes eligible to run, VOV places it on the fastest vovtasker host which offers all the resources requested when the job was submitted. The Tasker Compatibility page in the web browser UI shows details of a job's compatibility with each vovtasker machine. You can use this page to understand why a job seems stuck.

Access the Tasker Compatibility Page

The Tasker Compatibility page is specific to a particular job. You may access this page from two places:
  • The more link next to a job on the Job Queue Buckets page. This is the rightmost column, and has a magnifying glass icon.
  • The Tasker Compatibility link on the Job Details page.

The Job Queue Buckets page is the panel that is displayed when the Queue Buckets tab is selected in the VOV Monitor window.

Tasker Compatibility Page Description

The page consists of a table, with a row for each vovtasker machine. The column headings are:
Row number
vovtasker name, link to details page of that machine
Compatibility with this job
Missing Resources
Additional resources needed to enable this job to run

There is a button at the page bottom which returns you to the Job Queue Buckets page.

Info Field Meanings

The page consists of a table, with a row for each vovtasker machine.
Machine is responding to a server message
All job slots have running jobs
No jobs may run; not in available time band, or being used interactively
Not accepting new jobs; load average exceeds MAXLOAD in config file
Server has not received timely heartbeat
Tasker has been paused by an external signal
Not Connected
Tasker object is not yet connected to a vovtasker process
Tasker Mismatch
Resources provided by this tasker do not match resources requested by the job
Exhausted Resource
All of the resource are in use
Resource Cycle
Resource map entries form a loop
Insufficient time left
When using Offhours, expected job duration would extend into offline period
Unspecified reason