Check All Files in a Project

When you request a run, the FlowTracer server checks the timestamp of all primary inputs in the up-cone of the target.

To check all files in the up-cone, instead of only the primary inputs, use the VOV_VW_CHECK_UPCONE variable, which tells the wrapper to check all files in the up-cone at run time.

To check the timestamps of all the files in a project, including therefore also all the intermediate files, use vovcheckfiles.

vovcheckfiles: Usage Message
     Check the timestamp of all files in a project.
     This is an expensive operation, so this script
     implements a semaphore to avoid concurrent checks.
      % vovcheckfiles  [OPTIONS]
      -v     -- Verbose
      -h     -- This help
      % vovcheckfiles -h
      % vovcheckfiles    
      % vovcheckfiles -v

If the timestamp of any file in the project has changed, for example by being modified by an editor or other program run outside of the flow, the vovserver is notified of the change. This may cause the down-cone of the modified file(s) to be marked INVALID.

The vovcheckfiles command tries to prevent more than one instance of itself from running concurrently. See Troubleshooting for more information.