Node Status

Status Color Description
VALID Green If the node is a job, it has been completed successfully.

If the node is a file, it is up-to-date with respect to all files on which it depends.

INVALID Purple If the node is a job, it has not been run successfully yet or it needs to be run again, because one of its inputs has been modified since the last time the job was executed. If the node is a file, it is normally the output of a job that is not VALID.
SCHEDULED Cyan The job is scheduled to be run. It may be already queued or it will go in the queue as soon as all its inputs are ready.
FAILED Red The job ran and failed.

If the node is a job, it is currently being executed. All the outputs of such a job are also RUNNING.

Normally, for each RUNNING job there is also a RETRACING job, in which case, the RETRACING job is the old job, the RUNNING job is the new one. VOV keeps both jobs to efficiently compare the differences in the I/O dependencies.

RETRACING Orange If the node is a job, it is currently being retraced, that is it has been dispatched to one of the taskers. All the outputs of such a job are either RETRACING or RUNNING.
TRANSFER Cream The job has been sent to another farm and is still queued in that farm.
SUSPENDED Pink The job was running (or retracing) and one of the processes belonging to the job is currently suspended.
MISSING Brown This status is used for files that cannot be found by the server. With regular files, this status occurs for one of these reasons:
  • Files are deleted, renamed, or moved
  • File systems are unmounted
  • The server does not have permissions to read the files
SLEEPING Black The sleeping parts of the graph are ignored by the server. Sleeping nodes are used typically for documentation purposes.

Sleeping nodes appear automatically if your flow definition contains output conflicts. The sleeping nodes remain in the graph to allow you to debug the conflict.

DELETED Dark Green Files that have been deleted deliberately by a job. The tool compress, for example, deletes its input.
UNKNOWN Chocolate The server has not yet collected enough information for the node. This status occurs more often when database proxies are used.
EMPTY White This status applies only to sets of nodes which are empty, i.e. which contain no nodes.
WITHDRAWN Gray A job has been withdrawn after dispatching, for example by the preemption daemon. This is a rare status to observe.