Multi-User Mode

Each job in the flow has an owner. In the traditional single user model of FlowTracer, this owner is the same as the administrator of the FlowTracer project. However, in the multi-user mode of operation, different jobs in the flow could be owned by different users. However, each user can modify or run only jobs owned by him/her. More details on how to set this up and how to run follow later in this section.

vovusergroup, UNIX Groups, and LEADER Roles

The key foundation of multiple users sharing a single FlowTracer project is the concept of VovUserGroups. All users who are intended to share a project with one another are added into the same vovusergroup. This may be accomplished by adding all members of a UNIX group to the vovusergroup using the -unix option of the vovusergroup populate command, or users may be added manually. However, all users must belong to the same UNIX group since the UNIX level file permissions are based off of the grown ownership of folders and files.

Once the vovusergroup has been created, it is assigned LEADER privileges in the security.tcl file.

The ACL used to allow appropriate privileges for the various multi-user operations are based upon the LEADER role.