List Jobs from Project Having a Given Directory

The CLI Program vst - Vov Show Jobs (aka Show Tools)

The command line program vst lists the jobs from the project that were executed within the indicated working directory, with a default of also having the current environment.

A job in a project might be referred to as Running a Tool, so the name for this program was created to be an acronym for "Vov Show Tool."

vst: Usage Message
      Show the jobs that have been executed 
      in one or more directories.  By default:
      - look at the current directory.
      - show only the jobs with same environment as the current one.
      vst [OPTIONS] [dir1] ...
      -help           -- Show this help
      -quiet          -- Be quiet, no explanations
      -fast           -- (Obsolete option: Maps to -all)
      -all            -- Show all jobs, regardless of the environment.
                         Also show system jobs and subjobs.
      -long           -- Show more information (LEVEL and ENV)
      -LONG           -- Show even more information
      -Output 'format'-- Choose output format
      -systemjobs     -- Show also the system jobs
      -subjobs        -- Show also subjobs (components of a bigger job)
      -regexp <expr>  -- Filter lines with a regular expression
      -sort           -- Sort lines
      Options can be truncated to 1 or 2 characters.
      Option -regexp can also be abbreviated to -rx.
      %  vst
      %  vst -all
      %  vst -a
      %  vst -long ..
      %  vst -O '@LEVEL@ @COMMAND@' 
      %  vst -re 'ab[cC]+'

Show Jobs for Current Directory and Environment (BASE)

By default, the jobs in the current directory and with the current environment are listed:
% vst
vst: rule   is 'ISJOB==1 ENV==BASE CWD==${SEV_PROJECT_DIR}/common/src/doc_html'
vst: format is '@ID@ @STATUS:10@ @COMMAND@'
00387448 VALID      vov ./build.tcl index.tcl
00392249 VALID      vov ./makeindex.tcl
00425481 VALID      clevercopy work/index.html ../../doc/html/index.html

Show Jobs for Current Directory and ANY Environment

Use option -all or -a to list all jobs regardless of the environment.

You can change the output format using either the option -l, -L or -O.
% vst -a
vst: rule   is 'ISJOB==1  CWD==${SEV_PROJECT_DIR}/common/src/doc_html'
vst: format is '@LEVEL:3@ @ID@ @STATUS:10@ @ENV:8@ @COMMAND@'
  2 00587448 VALID      GNU      vw gcc -c -g
  2 00587448 VALID      GNU      vw gcc -c -g
  2 00387448 VALID      BASE     vov ./build.tcl index.tcl
  4 00392249 VALID      BASE     vov ./makeindex.tcl
  6 00425481 VALID      BASE     clevercopy work/index.html ../../doc/html/index.html