The vovproject tool is used to manage a VOV project.

Copyright (C) 1995-2021,Altair Engineering   www.altair.com

    The vovproject tool is used to manage a VOV project.
    You can create new projects, start and stop
    existing ones, enable the current shell to interact with a specific
    project, etc...

    If not otherwise specified, the tool assumes that the current project
    is the one defined by the environment variables VOV_PROJECT_NAME,

    vovproject [command] [command arguments]

    archive                 # Archive projects.
    unarchive               # Unarchive projects.
    backup                  # Make a backup copy of the trace
    create                  # Create a new project
    destroy                 # Completely remove all server data
    enable                  # Enable the shell to connect to the project
    info                    # Get info and stats about the project
    list                    # List all the projects
    rename                  # Change the name of the project
    report                  # Print reports about the projects
    reread|reset|refresh    # Re-read all configuration files
    restore                 # Restore the trace from a backup file
    sanity                  # Check internal consistency of server database
    save                    # Save trace database to disk
    start                   # Start a project server
    stop                    # Stop a project server

DETAILED HELP on above commands:
    vovproject [command] -help