Utilities for use with the VOV database.

vovdb_util: Usage Message
    Utilities for use with the VOV database.
    help         -- Shows help information.
    backup <dest>
                 -- Backs up the VOV database to the specified destination.
                    This command must be run on the same machine as the
                    database.  If the destination exists it must be empty.
                    The database must also be running.
    clearcfg [-noconfirm]
                 -- Resets the VOV database configuration to the initial,
                    unconfigured state.  Pass -noconfirm to skip confirmation.
    configure [-v] [-reset] [-noconfirm] <host> <root> [<port>]
                 -- Sets the host, root data path, and port for the VOV
                    database. Pass -reset to overwrite existing settings.
                    Pass -noconfirm to skip confirmation.
    showcfg      -- Prints out current VOV database configuration.
    startdb      -- Starts the VOV database.  Will restart a running database.
    status       -- Prints current VOV database status.
    stopdb       -- Stops the VOV database.
    upgrade [-noconfirm] [-noclean]
                 -- Upgrades the VOV database to use the newest version of the
                    PostgreSQL engine.  There must be enough disk space for a
                    temporary copy of the database files.  The database will be
                    offline during the upgrade.  Pass -noconfirm to skip
                    confirmation, -noclean to not delete temporary files if the
                    upgrade fails.
      The following commands are only supported for NetworkComputer and
    dump [-pre201509] [-start <YYYYMMDD>] [-end <YYYYMMDD>]
                 -- Generate data files, optionally limited to the start and
                    end times specified.  Pass -pre201509 to dump the database
                    that was used prior to upgrade to 2015.09 (or beyond.)
    trim <YYYYMMDD>
                 -- Deletes data prior to the given date.
    -v           -- Increase verbosity.