Usage Reporting Tool

The Usage Reporting Tool (URT) is a tool that is launched by the license server once per week. When it is initiated, it reads the anonymous log files recorded by the ALS, validates them, and transmits the data back to Altair. In order to transmit valid files from the customer site to the Altair site, the URT must be configured by the customer to contact Altair through their proxy server if applicable.

The URT is a one-way communication initiated at the client’s machine. It simply communicates via HTTP or HTTPS to the Altair server and delivers the anonymized transactional logs. Several security steps ensure that only authorized clients can connect to the Altair Server.

If the connection does not go through, the URT will make several attempts before moving the files to the undeliverable directory.

If the user chooses to disable the automatic reporting system, they must send the log files to Altair manually per the Altair license agreement using one of the manual methods provided in Appendix E, Sending Reports Manually.

During installation, the URT is configured and set to run automatically. See Appendix E to change this once the installation is complete