Download the Software

After the pre-upgrade checklist is complete, you are ready to download the software and prepare the downloaded files in order to do the upgrade to a new release.

Use the Altair Accelerator Product Administrator Account

Log in to your computer, into your Altair Accelerator Administrator account. This is the user that was set up to do the standard install, and who owns all the files in the release.

In the following sections, examples will be written as if the user account named rtdamgr is the Altair Accelerator Administrator. If you are installing Accelerator, there is one step in the procedure that must be performed by the root user.

Create or Reuse a Temporary Download Staging Area

Create a staging area to hold the downloaded files. It must be different from the directory where you plan to install the Altair Accelerator software. The staging area may be removed after installation.

For example, create the staging area directory as user rtdamgr.
  1. On UNIX:
    % mkdir /usr/tmp/rtda_download  
  2. On Windows:
    C:\> md  c:\temp\rtda_download  
    Note: Location path names must not contain any spaces.

Download the Files

  1. Access the Altair website and select the product to install.
  2. Log in using the account you set up as part of the pre-installation planning steps.
  3. Click the link for the release version you want, and download the appropriate files.
  4. For a UNIX installation, complete the steps below:
    1. Download the Common.tar file into the staging directory you just created.
    2. Download the platform-specific file(s) for each platform type that you will be using.
    3. Expand the archives with tar extract:
      % cd /usr/tmp/rtda_download
      % tar xf common.tar
      % tar xf <platform>.tar    # For each platform 
      For example:
      % cd /usr/tmp/rtda_download
      % tar xf common.tar
      % tar xf linux.tar
  5. For a Windows installation, complete the steps below:
    1. When Windows is one of the platforms used in a networked multi-platform situation, you should download the win64.tar file into the staging area.
      Note: The name "win64" is a generic name for all versions of 64-bit Windows.
    2. Expand the archives with tar extract:
      % cd /usr/tmp/rtda_download
      % tar xf win64.tar
    3. Expand this zip file into the staging area using Windows Explorer (via right-clicking on the file) or any utility that works with zip files.