UNIX Authentication Without PAM or LDAP

The program vovgetpasswd is used to get the shadow password on Linux. You need to be concerned about this program if:
  • You are running a server on Linux
  • You want to use the browser interface
  • You want to protect access to the project with authentication
  • Your /etc/nsswitch.conf file specifies that the password information should be taken from files rather than through nis or nisplus.

The program is normally installed by the script $VOVDIR/../scripts/SETSLAVEUID.sh as part of the regular installation procedure.

If, for any reason, you need to reinstall vovgetpasswd again, you need to execute the following commands as root:
% cd $VOVDIR/bin
% su root
% chown root vovgetpasswd
% chmod u+s vovgetpasswd
% exit