vovtasker Licensing

Note: This section refers to the deprecated tasker-direct RLM licensing vovtasker. It is currently recommend using the more efficient Enterprise Licensing mechanism.
When using RLM, the behavior of vovtasker is controlled by 4 distinct licensed capabilities. Each capability is controlled by a feature. The feature is either of the type cpu_xxx or host_xxx:
  • If a tasker is licensed by CPUs, the feature is called cpu_something and the tasker checks out a number of tokens equal to the number of CPUs reported by the operating system
  • If a tasker is licensed by host, the feature is called host_something and the tasker checks-out one token. This licensing is off by default and can be activated by setting the environmenVOV_RLM_USE_HOSTS to 1 prior to starting the vovtasker.
All tasker capabilities are "host-shared" meaning that all vovtaskers running on the same host can share the same license.
Capability Represented by: Feature Description
Exec X cpu_exec The ability to execute jobs.
HostInfo N cpu_hostinfo The ability to monitor the host information, like load, file systems, CPU speed. A tasker that does not have this capability will show a power of 1000.
ProcInfo P cpu_procinfo The ability to monitor processes, to detect CPU utilization, suspension status.
RT R cpu_rt The ability to activate runtime-tracing on the jobs dispatched remotely via taskers.
The capabilities of a tasker are represented by a 4 character string like "XNPr", "xnP-", or "X**-" where the characters have the following meaning:
  • An upper case character means that a capability has been obtained.
  • A lower case character means that a capability has been requested but not obtained.
  • A dash '-' means that the corresponding capability has not been requested.
  • An asterisk '*' means that the corresponding capability has been lost and that it is currently granted only because of the active grace period.

A local tasker, that is a vovtasker running on the same machine as the vovserver, always has all capabilities enabled and does not require to check-out any license. If a tasker loses a feature, it will retain the capability for a grace period of five days.

To change the value of RLM_LICENSE used by a vovtasker use:
> source /<install_path>/<version>/<platform>/common/etc/vovrc.csh
% vovsh -x 'vtk_tasker_config TASKERNAME rlmlicense 7070@newhost'

To check the current licensing status, visit /cgi/license.cgi.