Environment Variables

The following environment variables can be set on Unix and Windows to control certain features within LM-X and the Altair Licensing System.

Table 1.
Variable Description
ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH Sets the path to the license file or address of the license server. Multiple license files can be combined using ':' on Unix and ';' on Windows. This is a client variable.
ALM_PROJECT Used to report project strings in the transactional logs. This string will be part of the recorded transaction. The value set should be 30 characters or less. String may contain valid characters in the portable filename character set (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, { } / \< > ( ) ` ‘ , ? | [ ] * & ^ $ # @ ! ~ + =). Any other characters will be URL encoded in the server logs. The maximum length is 30 characters. This is a client variable.
Note: This will NOT be included in the anonymous log files, only in the detailed logs
ALUS_CONF_FILE Sets the path to the alus.conf file. This must be set prior to starting the license server process. This is a server variable.
ALM_NO_EXPIRE_WARNING Setting this value to any non-zero length value will prevent applications from warning users that the license is going to expire. This is a client variable.
ALM_DONGLE_ENABLED Setting this to any value will enable a client to use a license dongle. The server is always enabled for dongles. This must be set to enable client dongle support. This is a client variable.