Create the ALM Server Directory

It is recommended to create a dedicated directory that contains the ALM binaries, the ALM license file, and all other ALM-related files, like the log file. It is also recommended to create this directory in local storage on the license server machine, so that the machine can serve licenses without having to mount anything over the network.

ALM can also run from within a network share, but doing so creates multiple dependencies (share server, network connection, etc.) that can reduce the availability of the license server.

  1. Create the dedicated directory as mentioned above.
  2. Copy the following items into the directory:
    • The ALM license file - obtained from Altair Support.
    • $VOVDIR/bin/alm - the RLM executable.
    • $VOVDIR/bin/almutil - the RLM utility executable (provides almstat, almreread, etc.).
    • $VOVDIR/bin/rtdad - the Altair Accelerator software daemon.
  3. Optional: On UNIX systems, symbolic links to almutil may be created that provide easier access to the RLM commands:
    • almstat
    • almreread
    • almremove
    • almhostid
    • almver
    • almdown
  4. Optional: Make copies of almutil, named as each utility, which will also make the various utilities available, but doing so uses use more disk space. This is the only option on Windows, which does not support symbolic links.