Start, Stop and Reset the License Daemons

The installer provides startup scripts in /etc/init.d or in the appropriate place for your version of the operating system. You should use these scripts to properly start and stop the licensing system. The script is altairlmxd on most platforms. The script accepts the arguments stop, start and restart. By default, the script installs and is run as root. If you do not want this arrangement, you may make the following changes.

  1. Edit the /etc/init.d/altarlmxd script. Uncomment the LICENSE_USER variable and set it to the user name you want it to run as. This user name must already exist.
  2. Go to <install_directory> and change the ownership of all files and directories in the <install_directory> to the user you are running the license system as. These changes must be performed recursively to get all the subdirectories as well.