Since the behavior of Allocator is complex, facilities have been implemented to help you understand the behavior of the system.

You can start vovlad on the command line with multiple verbose options -v. Example:
% vovproject enable mq
% cd `vovserverdir -p vovlad`
% vovlad -v -v -v

When you start a new vovlad daemon, the old one automatically stops.

If you want to focus on a specific resources, use the Tcl array MQdebug() to specify the resource to debug. For example, if you want to study the behavior of Allocator with the resource "Wan:spice", you will write:
# Fragment of vovlad/config.tcl
set MQdebug(Wan:spice) 1
To stop debugging, use one of the following methods:
# Fragment of vovlad/config.tcl

set MQdebug(Wan:spice) 0

## OR: 
catch {unset MQdebug(Wan:spice)}

To enable and disable debugging on a specific resource, click the Enable Debug button on Allocator's web interface.