FairShare Weights Control Methods

The FairShare weight is capped at a maximum value of 100,000. The current implementation uses an integer scale. The use of large ratios within a FairShare group, often as an attempt to implement a priority based queuing system, is discouraged.

Set FairShare Weights in Jobclasses

To initialize the weights of FSGROUP nodes, the FAIRSHARE_WEIGHTS procedure is typically used in the initialization of a jobclass.

Example of FAIRSHARE_WEIGHTS in a jobclass definition:
# Fragment of the definition of the jobclass 'hsim'.
set VOV_JOB_DESC(group) /class/hsim

proc initJobClass {} {
  FAIRSHARE_WEIGHTS /class/hsim {
    john      22
    mary     123
    default   11

The jobclass files are parsed by vovresourced during initialization. If you change the initJobClass{} section of a jobclass file, you must restart vovresourced to put it into effect. Those sections are evaluated once when vovresourced starts. To restart vovresourced, use ncmgr reset.

For more information on whether jobclasses are the correct solution for your situation, see Jobclasses.

Set FairShare Weights Via the Web Interface

Figure 1.

Accelerator Admins can change the FairShare group weights from the browser. The weights can either be changed by using the +/- buttons on the right, which changes the weight by 10%, or the weight can simply be entered under the weight column. As with many configurations in Accelerator, the changing of weights is only permitted by Accelerator Admins.

You can also use vovfsgroup to change the FairShare weights at any time.