Multiple Tokens in FairShare

In FairShare, the number of license tokens for each job is counted. Sometimes there are jobs that use four tokens of a license and other jobs that use only one token of a license, each to access different specific tool functionalities. For the best of use of resources and scheduling, it may be undesirable to account for both types of jobs in the same way. To specify how selected jobs contribute to FairShare, use the field FSTOKENS in the nc run ... submission string.

The FSTOKENS field can be set on each job of which the status is neither Failed nor Done. The default value is 1. Typical values are small integers, such as 2, 3, 4 or 8. The maximum value is 50000. The minimum value is 0, which indicates that the job does not contribute to the FairShare value.

FSTOKENS can be applied for jobs in which the status is not Failed or Done.

To set FSTOKENS in Accelerator use the option -fstokens in nc run. An example using a "MMSIM" license follows:
% nc run -fstokens 4 -r License:MMSIM#4 -- my_job_script_that_uses_4_tokens
The above will result in an decreased impact when FairShare is calculated for the job. This strategy can be used for multi-token tools to help them attain a more favorable FairShare positioning.
Note: Setting this up for a job type is easily accomplished by implementing a job class that includes the appropriate token argument to -fstokens. See Jobclasses for details.