Disable FairShare

Reducing the FairShare window or completely disabling FairShare may improve the performance of the scheduler.
Note: This configuration is only effective when the workload is very large, such as several million jobs per day.

FairShare can be disabled on an individual node in the FairShare tree by setting the time window size to zero. When FairShare is disabled, jobs that belong to the disabled branches of the FairShare tree are scheduled using a round-robin scheduler that considers the oldest buckets first.

For example, to disable FairShare on the subtree rooted at /class, use the following command:
% vovfsgroup modrec /class window 0

This can be done at any time and has immediate effect, which is that all jobs in any subgroup of /class will be considered for scheduling based on the time a job has been waiting in the queue.

Re-enable FairShare

To re-enable FairShare on a subtree of the FairShare tree, set the FairShare window to something different from zero. Example:
% vovfsgroup modrec /class window 2h
% nc cmd vovproject sanity
Note: As of release 2015.09, all FSGROUP properties are persistent between Accelerator restarts. If you are using a release prior to that, the above command line changes will be temporary until the next restart.