Generate Custom Reports

The Accelerator database is open for custom queries using SQL.

Database Structure

The main table in the database is called jobs. As the table is expected to grow very large (billions of records), it is composed of integer fields only, which are used as references into auxiliary tables. Refer to Database Schema for more information on the database structure.

Writing Custom Queries

Arbitrary reports can be generated using vovsql_query. (Some knowledge of SQL is required.)

The following example shows the host and users for all the jobs that ran for more than one hour.
SELECT hostid, userid, endtime - starttime AS duration
    FROM jobs
    WHERE duration > 3600
    ORDER BY duration DESC
    LIMIT 100;
There are two ways to pass the SQL command:
  1. Directly on the command line:
    % vovsql_query -e "SELECT hostid, userid, ...."
  2. Within a file:
    % vovsql_query -f file_with_your_sql_query