RAM Sentry

The RAM Sentry mechanism monitors the RAM utilization of the jobs and performs safety measures to prevent the tasker's memory resources from becoming saturated.

The RAM Sentry currently has one level of protection:
  • Suspend at swap: For taskers that have multiple jobs running, if the tasker enters swap, the RAM Sentry suspends all jobs other than the job with the largest RAM footprint. When the large job completes, the smaller jobs will resume. While the RAM Sentry is active, the tasker itself is also suspended, preventing any new jobs from being accepted.

Enable RAM Sentry

To enable the RAM Sentry, set the variable VOV_RAM_SENTRY to 1 before starting a tasker. A simple choice is to add the following line to the $VOVDIR/../../vnc/vnc.swd/setup.tcl file, so that all taskers have this functionality enabled:
# Add this to the vnc.swd/setup.tcl file.
After the tasker has started, you can control the mechanism for each individual tasker with vovtaskermgr configure -ramsentry <boolean> ..., as in the following examples:
% vovtaskermgr configure -ramsentry 1 linux010
% vovtaskermgr configure -ramsentry 0 linux010