Qualify the Working Directory of Jobs

The working directory is the directory from which the job is submitted. For the job to execute correctly, the working directory must exist on the remote host. Directories that are not reachable by all machines in the network should be avoided; this can cause jobs to fail.

Accelerator accepts a job submission if the current working directory satisfies one of the following conditions:
  1. The directory matches one of the strings in the property NC_VALID_DIRECTORIES.
    To accept all directories, use the following rule:
    % nc cmd vovprop set -text 1 NC_VALID_DIRECTORIES ". /"
    To check the value of the property, use the following command:
    % nc cmd vovprop get 1 NC_VALID_DIRECTORIES
    . /
  2. The directory has been marked with a file called .vnc.
  3. The directory has a logical name; its name is represented by a string that begins with a dollar '$' sign, such as ${HOMES}/john.
If neither of the above conditions is met, the job submission will be prevented and the following dialog will be displayed:
  The path to the current directory is not 'LOGICAL',
  i.e. it does not begin with a '$' sign.
  The current directory
  may not be a valid directory path for all hosts in the network.
    (1)   Continue.
          By choosing this option, you assert that the path
          is valid everywhere.  If it is not, the job is likely
          to fail, because the remote host cannot reach
          the current directory.
          This option causes the creation of a flag file
          called   .vnc    which has the purpose of
          avoiding the repetition of this question for this
          directory and its subdirectories
    (2)   Abort.
          Ask your NetworkComputer administrator to
          change the equiv.tcl file to define the rules that
          give a logical name to the current directory.

   Please reply: [1,2] >
Note: Only the Accelerator administrator can modify the equiv.tcl file.