Plot Jobs

The script jobplots.cgi can generate plots of jobs over a period of time. The jobs are organized by project, user, host, or jobclass.

Following is an example of a plot by project:

Figure 1. Example: running jobs

Figure 2. Example: waiting jobs

Customize Plot Colors

The script jobplots.cgi uses a small palette of 12 colors. Depending on what is shown, it is possible that the same entity is plotted in a different color. The file plot.config.tcl in the SWD (e.g. vnc.swd/plot.config.tcl) can be used to specify the color to be used for a specific project, host, user, jobclass, etc.
# Example of plot.config.tcl   used by   jobplots.cgi

# Use symbolic names for colors (see rgb.txt)
JobPlotColor projects arm3  pink
JobPlotColor projects rout5 yellow

# Use hex value for colors (no # and no 0x please)
JobPlotColor jobclasses hsim 33FF88
JobPlotColor jobclasses dc   EE44AD