Working Directories and Equivalences

The directory where the top level job is executed must be visible and accessible to both the Accelerator vovserver, which is running on UNIX, and the remote Windows NT machine.

This is normally not a limitation, since there is always at least one directory that satisfies this requirement, the one of the Accelerator installation itself. Nothing prevents you from changing to any other directory as part of the job.

It is imperative that you explain to the Accelerator vovserver the naming equivalences between UNIX files and Windows NT files. Keeping up with our examples, the path to the Accelerator installation is /usr/local/rtda on UNIX and f:\rtda on Windows NT. This can be described in the file vnc.swd/equiv.tcl as:
# Fragment of vnc.swd/equiv.tcl
vtk_equivalence NCROOT /usr/local/rtda
vtk_equivalence NCROOT f:/rtda;  # Notice the forward slashes!!

where NCROOT is the "logical name" we want to use for both the directory /usr/local/rtda and /usr/local/rtda.

After you change the vnc.swd/equiv.tcl file, you must always do a full reset:
% ncmgr reset -full