Altair Accelerator Daemons

Additional functionality in Accelerator is provided by external daemons, which are described in the table below.

The status of the daemons can be viewed on the Daemons page.

Daemon Who needs it? Description
vovlsfd Only if you also have LSF This daemon is useful to interface the Accelerator system to an existing LSF system. For more information, see Interface with LSF.
vovnetappd If you need performance-based job throttling This daemon integrates your storage resources with the Accelerator scheduler by controlling how workload processing impacts filer performance.
vovnotifyd If you want e-mail notification This daemon is necessary to receive email notifications. The email can be triggered by job events (such as a job that completes) or an unusual condition that is detected by the daemon.

For more information, see Health Monitoring and vovnotifyd.

vovresourced Everybody This daemon manages the resources managed by the vovserver. It is controlled by the resources.tcl file. Historically, this is the first daemon to be developed. It still stands out from the other daemons because how it is managed is slightly different. This daemon is started automatically by the server.

For more information, see Resource Daemon Configuration.