VOV Metrics Command Line Interface

The simplest way to manage metrics is with the utility vovmetric.

vovmetric: Usage Message
      Manipulate VOV metrics. Metrics are organized by family.
      Available families are design (1), server (2), and FairShare (4).
      % vovmetric ACTION [OPTIONS]
      -h                  -- This help.
      -v                  -- Increase verbosity.
      enable              -- Enable the metric system.
      disable             -- Disable the metric system (all metrics are lost).
      add                 -- Add point to a metric, creating metric
                             if necessary.
      get                 -- Get info about a metric.
      list                -- List all metrics; same as 'show'.
      show                -- Same as 'list'.
      delete              -- Delete specified metric.
      save                -- Save specified metric to disk. Metric data files
                             are stored per family in SWD/data/metrics.
      status              -- Show metric subsystem status:
                               -1 = enabled, but unlicensed
                                0 = disabled
                                N = enabled, masked against metric family
      % vovmetric add -name JobsToGo -value 33
      % vovmetric delete -name JobsToGo
      % vovmetric list -rx Jobs
      % vovmetric get -name JobsToGo