Troubleshooting: Cannot Enable Project

Problem: you run the following command:
% vovproject enable MYPROJECT
and you receive an error similar to this:
vovproject 06/16/09 10:53:47: FATAL ERROR: Cannot find project 'MYPROJECT for user 'john'

There may be other projects that are in conflict with the current project, perhaps running on the same machine and have the same project name, but a different port number.

Troubleshooting tips:
% vovproject list -a 
  • Is your project listed? Is it running?
  • Are there multiple projects with the same name?
Perhaps the VOV registry is corrupted for this project - check the $VOVDIR/local/registry.
  • Is there a file similar to MYPROJECT@SOMEHOST ?
  • Are there more files like that?
A safe mode to enable the project is with the ves command:
% source $VOVDIR/etc/vovrc.csh         ## To make sure the alias is loaded.
% ves path/to/mytestproject.swd/setup.tcl