Thin Clients

A thin client (VOV protocol) runs on a machine that does not have access to the SWD directory of the vovserver.

Connect a Thin Client

Such a client cannot read the configuration files for the project, such as the equiv.tcl file that defines logical filesystem names, or the setup.tcl file that defines necessary server environment variables.

An example of a thin client is the vovinfo binary, a stripped-down version of vovsh that is used for host monitoring in Monitor.

Environment Variables

To use a thin client, it is recommend to set variables as shown below:
setenv VOVEQUIV_CACHE_FILE vovcache
setenv VOV_SWD_KEY         none

This setting of VOVEQUIV_CACHE_FILE disables checking the equiv.tcl file. The client gets equivalences from the server cache, if available, via the VOV protocol RPC. Setting VOV_SWD_KEY to none causes the client to avoid accessing the server working directory.