Taskers: Mixed Windows NT and UNIX Environment

It is common to run VOV in a mixed network of UNIX and Windows NT workstations. Following is a set of guidelines to facilitate the deployment in such a network.

To avoid case-based ambiguities with file names, use only lowercase names in your design.

Define all appropriate equivalences in the equiv.tcl file. For example, if a project directory is mounted as /projects/local/top in UNIX and as p:/local/top on Windows NT, you can define the following equivalences:
vtk_equivalence TOP /projects/local/top
vtk_equivalence TOP p:/local/top
In the taskers.tcl file, be explicit about specifying the directory of the VOV installation as seen from the Windows NT machines as well as the working directory of the server as seen from the Windows NT machines. Example:
vtk_tasker_set_default  -vovdir           v:/vov/winnt  -serverdir        p:/local/top/vovadmin
vtk_tasker_define nthost1vtk_tasker_define nthost2

The tool vovtaskermgr normally uses a remote shell (either rsh, remsh or ssh) to start taskers on remote UNIX machines. Windows NT does not offer an effective equivalent to the UNIX remote shell, so you can either start taskers manually on each Windows NT workstation, or you can use vovtsd.