Subordinate Resources

The subordinate resources are the resources of a job that appear after the first '--' in the resource specification.

For example, in the resource specification:
JobType:compile -- ( alpaca OR sun7 )

The subordinate resources is the string (alpaca OR sun)

These subordinate resources are used by indirect taskers in the submission of the job to the remote BPS.

In the following example, the primary resource is NC, which is a simple way to route a job towards an indirect tasker connected to Accelerator, while License:drc1 OR License:drc2 is the subordinate resource which will be used when the job is transferred to Accelerator.
R "NC -- License:drc1 OR License:drc2"
J vw run_some_drc Chip.x

The field to access the subordinate resources is called "SUBRESOURCES".