2021.1.1 Release Notes

New Features

Internal Number Products Case Number Description
VOV-13210 Accelerator None Added functionality to perform actions on sets in the Set Browser page.
VOV-12810 Accelerator None The dashboard UI job graph shows actual Y values when user hover the mouse over the graphed lines, and at the intersection points of the graph lines in job plot graph, the tooltip will show the Y-axis values which are intersected.
VOV-12780 Accelerator 24397 The commands nc run, vovset resources, and nc modify -res support binary unit conversion for all memory based resources as a convenience from Petabytes (PB), Terabyte (TB), or Gigabyte (GB) to Megabytes (MB), which is still used internally and reported by all commands. The input conversion will accept either decimal or integer form and are all case-insensitive, so for example both nc run -r SWAP/1GB sleep 0, and nc run -r RAM/0.1Tb sleep 0 are supported. The currently supported parameter names for which this conversion is supported are RAM/, RAM#, RAMFREE#, RAMFREE/, RAMTOTAL#, RAMFREE/, SWAP/, SWAP#, SWAPFREE#, SWAPFREE/, SWAPTOTAL#, SWAPTOTAL/ and TMP# or TMP/. By default the unit is MB (Megabytes), where 1MB is 1<<20 bytes.
VOV-12409 Accelerator Plus, FlowTracer None Elastic taskers launched via vovwxd will detect and exit mote quickly when their designated bucket is empty or deleted. Accelerator Plus queues using Direct Drive will detect empty queues and stop launching taskers for those buckets more quickly. This functionality can be disabled by setting vovwxd.fastexit server parameter to 0. This is on by default.

Resolved Issues

Internal Number Products Case Number Description
VOV-13517 All None Fixed issue that prevented the Property Editor GUI utility in vovconsole from launching successfully.
VOV-13183 All None Fixed a potential memory leak when a client running a long-running query is unexpectedly terminated, causing vovserver to permanently mark a query as "in-use".
VOV-7887 All 21377 Clarified documentation of VOV_LIMIT_vmemoryuse.
VOV-13523 All None Fixed an issue that caused vovshow -queries to fail when trying to access a non-existent array element.
VOV-13568 All None Fixed an issue where comma list resource maps were not selectable in the Web UI.
VOV-13743 All None Corrected format of output for vtk_time_psp that was returning hh:mm format when the given date/time was on a different day/year. Now returns hh:mm only for current day, otherwise month abbreviation and day (Apr 14) for the same year, else Year month abbreviation (Dec 2020).
VOV-13706 All None The vovtasker binary was missing from 2021.1.0. As a workaround, in previous product versions where it may be missing in the installation, copy vovslave to vovtasker.
VOV-13610 All None Fixed issue with displaying working taskers in Altair Accelerator 2021.1.0
VOV-13351 All CS0173855 Fixed some cases where the Server Working Directory (SWD) contained slaveClass.table or taskerClass.table, and these configuration files were ignored by taskers/slaves. Scenarios that had been broken were:
  • slaves.tcl and slaveClass.table present in SWD
  • slaves.tcl and taskers.tcl and taskerClass.table present in SWD
  • taskers.tcl and taskerClass.table present in SWD
VOV-13439 All CS0175205, CS0187053 Code related to vovps has been modified to be more robust in handling of non-fatal errors emanating from vovps command and to be more inline with typical ps command output.
VOV-12897 All CS0140687, CS170776 On some network configurations, a warning about IPV6 could be issued when running an INTERACTIVE job that could not be filtered out by turning down the verbosity. This has been fixed. The -v switch to nc run on an interactive job will turn off the warning.
VOV-13014 All None With multi-platform product installs, the Accelerator documentation bookshelf link in the Web UI was nonfunctional. This only impacted customers who download and un-tar both common.tar and win64.tar with the intent of installing both linux64 and win64 into the same master installation directory.
VOV-13171 All CS0164654 The timeout duration for PR saves can now be controlled via a server configuration parameter.
VOV-13837 All None Fixed issue that caused some vtx-wrapper links to point to an incorrect absolute path.
VOV-13502 All None This fix provides for mitigation of a hang in the http(s) service. It reinstates the nginx service found in earlier releases. The use of the patch is required for production systems using the https service - typically Accelerator. The patch prevents the use of the REST v3 API and the new web based Dashboard, which is dependent on the REST v3 API. A subsequent release will address this shortcoming. The use of nginx should be seen as temporary and a subsequent release is expected to provide integrated https within vovserver. To start nginx, pass -webprovider nginx to ncmgr start, lmmgr start, etc. You should see vovnginxd start as one of the vov daemons. vovservermgr config will also show the webprovider setting as being either 'internal' or 'nginx' depending on how you have configured the system.
VOV-13416 All None Added configuration section to the sds.cfg file to allow inclusion kafka producer configuration properties such as those needed to enable ssl communication.
VOV-13162 Accelerator None The "Match Jobs to Handles" HTML topic now reflects the code colors that coincide with the software.
VOV-9353 Accelerator 23568 In the past, a stopped tasker and a newly started tasker were not aware of each other's NUMA usage, and so could assign CPU or Node affinity that overlaps. Taskers using NUMA on the same machine, with the same vovhost and queue name, will now share NUMA usage to avoid over allocating NUMA resources on the same machine.
VOV-7487 Accelerator 20455, CS0120837 Passing bash functions through snapprop is a fragile operation that only works when the following conditions hold:
  1. The function must have been explicitly exported, for example export -f f.
  2. The bash and sh shells must be the same on the submission and execution sides (this holds on CentOS 6-8 but not on Ubuntu).
  3. The bash function encoding must be the same on the submission and execution sides (this depends on the bash version, CentOS 6,7 have the same encoding, but CentOS 8 has different encoding).
Note: Bash encodes functions in two ways (subsequent to the 2014 shellshock vunerability):
  1. BASH_FUNC_<function-name>()=() (CentOS 6,7)
  2. BASH_FUNC_<function-name>%%=() (CentOS 8, MacOS, Ubuntu, albeit the latter does not satisfy 2. above)
VOV-7736 Accelerator 21176 Fixed building of resource maps from resources with OR and AND words in resource names.
VOV-13629 Accelerator CS0178114, CS0186671, CS0192772, CS0194045, CS0196466 Fixed an issue where a failed PTY connection for a job would cause subsequent jobs on the tasker to fail as long as the original job was still running, and in some cases, the tasker could become unresponsive.
VOV-13651 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus None Fixed issue in node.cgi which resulted in the CPU Time displayed for job being multiplied by 1000.
VOV-13152 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0159375 Fixed spurious error message when receiving (RESMAP,CHANGE) events in some clients.
VOV-13293 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0169911 Added check for ADMIN privilege which blocks the regular user from stopping the job using NC command nc stop -allusers if the requesting user is not ADMIN.
VOV-13161 Accelerator CS0163181 Fixed issue where setting a project or site message in /cgi/messages.cgi would not result in a message being registered.
VOV-13324 Accelerator None Tasker based support has been added for the following vovselect fieldnames:


The same are available for use as symbolics such as @LASTTASKERID@ or @TASKERNAME@, etc.

VOV-13398 Accelerator None An error in the online help regarding vtk_server_config suddenshutdown <server-pid> has been addressed.
VOV-13388 Accelerator None Fixed issue that can cause vovserver to crash upon receipt of a REST request when thread.service.max and thread.service.enable.query are both greater than zero in the vovserver policy.
VOV-13363 Accelerator None Fixed ncupgrade abort by changing the vovserver stdout message to Vovmessage ( stderr )
VOV-13346 Accelerator CS0120637, CS0164333, CS0186238 Fixed an issue where a redirect in the nginx configuration would cause vovresourced to crash
VOV-13413 Accelerator CS0175672 Fixed issue where vwn incorrectly attempted to contact the server after the VOV_VW_PING interval.
VOV-13438 Accelerator None Removed vovproject enable command from ncupgrade so that it can read from stdin and can be used for testing automation.
VOV-13424 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0176272 The handling of the resource parameter to vtk_flexlm_monitor has been improved. If the a resource name is specified then this name is the actual resource name used (in a previous release it was always prepended by License:). If a resource name is not specified, it defaults to License:<feature>. This is consistent with vtk_flexlm_monitor_all behavior.
VOV-13465 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0180449 Resolved issue when using vtk_tasker_define with -tsdport.
VOV-13458 Accelerator CS0180796 During jobclass initialization the VovUserError proc does not exit or generate any output.
VOV-13563 Accelerator Plus CS0186685 Fixed an issue which resulted in stalled WX buckets reporting a waitreason of License:xyz when really just waiting on HW in the base queue. Fixed an issue which prevented the setting of resmap.sw.types in the policy.tcl file.
VOV-13560 Accelerator Plus None The custom vnc_policy.tcl file for PBS integration is no longer required and should be removed upon upgrading to 2021.1.1. This file is located in $SWD/vnc_policy.tcl and was originally copied from $VOVDIR/../common/etc/config/vovwxd/vnc_policy_pbs.tcl.
VOV-13484 Accelerator Plus None Fixed an issue which could result in some slaves not being recognized as vovwxd slaves resulting in them not being counted toward max,slaves. Optimized scheduling for WX/PBS jobs by enabling the bucket shortcut and removing per slave resources.
VOV-13772 Accelerator Plus None The Accelerator Plus online help has been updated to reflect the addition of the Direct Drive functionality.
VOV-13562 Allocator CS0187051 Fixed a race-condition in Allocator that resulted in random crashes in complex configurations.
VOV-10426 FlowTracer 24499 NodeEditor has renamed 'In Queue' to 'Queue' and times shown are now based upon buckettime to give more accurate breakdown of the job's timeline.
VOV-12348 FlowTracer None A threshold of 4 is now applied before issuing warnings about WXLauncher is not running.
VOV-13419 FlowTracer CS0172898 Fixed vovconsole performance degradation for drawing the sets and switching between horizontal and vertical view.
VOV-13323 Monitor None Fixed issue that caused remote LM parser to fail and return no data.
VOV-13066 Monitor CS0151123 The registering of multiple hosts defined through env variable VOV_LICMON is now handled correctly. However its use should be minimized due to the additional overhead involved and consequential impact on job start up time.
VOV-13390 Monitor None Fixed an issue that prevented licenses provided by Altair license key files from being monitored.
VOV-13446 Monitor None Fixed rare issue that caused an "Unexpected return -90" message in the vovserver log when the top job of a bucket cannot be dispatched to a tasker at the time the dispatch function is called.
VOV-13440 Monitor None Fixed issue that prevented licensing detail tables from being displayed on the licensing administration web UI page on Windows.
VOV-13426 Monitor CS0154262 Some valid Accelerator and Monitor license key files with vovversion set for the early part of year 2021 were not working because of a bug in license keyfile validation code.
VOV-12980 Monitor CS0144723 Fixed ftlm_batch_report for checkouts that have not been moved yet to Altair Monitor database.