vsim 6.0a

vsim may use several alternative licenses, or even more than one, which creates challenges in accurate management and preemption.


We strongly recommend using a named environment called, for example, MODELSIM. Use of the JOBSPY_DAEMON variable is optional.


Requirements: either release 8.1.4 or later of Altair FlowTracer or release 8.1.2/8.1.3 of Altair FlowTracer with patch "msimpreempt200608". This preemption method is not available for jobs running on Windows

We cannot use JobSpy with this version of ModelSim because of the limitation that requires rsh capabilities to suspend and resume jobs, Instead we need to be able to signal TSTP to all processes except mgls_asynch. This can be done with the preemption method "MODELSIM".

Preemption: use JOBSPY method, because it is much speedier than LMREMOVE and also more reliable. You do need to have the JobSpy daemon running.

The SIGTSTP method seems to work, but actually does not because it signals all child processes of vsim, including mgls_asynch which does not seem to take it nicely.

Example configuration for vnc.swd/vovpreemtpd/config.tcl
# Example: assuming the license used by vsim is License:msimhdlsim.
VovPreemptPolicy License:msimhdlsim  -method MODELSIM -maxage 120 -delay 20

JobSpy and Indirect Slaves

When you run a vsim job via an indirect slave (i.e. the job is dispatched from FlowTracer to Accelerator). The JobXXXXXXX directory is the one of the RUNNING (yellow) job in FlowTracer. In particular, it is not the ID of the job running in Accelerator.